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Staraok offers a large collection of light led mirrors and wooden frame mirrors to match vanity for hospitality. Hanging a mirror on your wall can add both depth and intrigue to hotel space. Browse our range of bathroom mirrors, long, oval, wide, circular, with lights or without.

  • Led Mirrors
    USA commercial hospitality bathroom vanity wall mount led light mirror dimmable backlit, Hangs horizontally or vertically, square, rectangle, round etc shape, Ideal for makeup application, shaving, hair styling, softer ambiance. Electric led lighting mirrors solutions for Hilton, Marriott, Four seasons etc luxury hotel.
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  • Wood Framed Mirrors
    Hotel art decorative wall mount hanging wooden framed mirrors match with solid wood vanity is an important element of bathroom design that can completely alter the room. Expresso, whitewash, black, grey colors, it can also design borders, Western, nautical and contemporary wood-framed mirrors designs can be chosen.
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