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Fashion Bathroom Stone Selection

Last updated: Nov 01, 2017

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people in the home decoration in the pursuit of luxury upscale decorative effect, gradually in the home decoration in the extensive use of natural stone has become a fashion, and its application has been gradually extended to the bathroom decoration.

As the concept of homeowners different preferences, but also with the diversity of stone varieties and texture of the ever-changing, bathroom stone in the use of color materials are very numerous, including marble, limestone, granite, sandstone, slate, quartz stone and so on. But the bathroom stone is usually used mainly marble and granite. (But nowadays, the use of granite has begun to decrease because of the concern about the radioactive nature of granite.

Now, people generally like to use plain or solid color or simple texture of the stone to decorate the bathroom floor and walls, with rich texture of marble to decorate the vanity top with the washstand, so give the bathroom added a bit elegant atmosphere.

Marble is also called metamorphic or recrystallized limestone. The real marble is a calcite metamorphic rock, and has a crystal structure. Marble is mostly derived from the geological changes of limestone, the main components of calcite and calcium carbonate, Mohs hardness of 4.5 or so. So its shortcomings are softer, acid and alkali resistance, poor weather resistance, easy to absorb oil, water and other liquids and pollution, easy to be scratched, not wear, and almost all of the acid and alkali cleaning detergent and stains will damage the marble, stay a little longer, it makes the marble damage and loss of luster.

So the use of marble in the bathroom should be used hard and density, try to avoid the use of soft materials and high water absorption of marble. Bathroom marble, the best choice for polishing surface processing, and in the use of the first to do before the protection treatment, which can be better to protect the stone, but also easy to clean, and the marble paving suitable for the use of vertical paving. Light-colored stone is slightly less resistant to mild soapy water than dark stone, so it is recommended not to use green serpentine and black marble in the bathroom, so that the possibility of contamination of the stone surface is relatively small some.

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