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America Stone Market Demand

Last updated: Jan 09, 2018

America is Staraokhospitality main market and completed vanity projects with many hotels. Due to the restriction of relevant domestic laws and the undeveloped domestic stone industry, the basic domestic stone consumption market is satisfied by imports. The stone import volume in the United States ranks first in the world for many years. The demand for 80% of domestic stone is By foreign imports. China's white and black marble is more popular.
At present, the consumption demand for stone in the United States is mainly dominated by Granite and Marble, supplemented by sandstone, slate and quartz. Accounting for 45% of granite,  55% of marble and other stone about 5%.

granite and marble vanity tops
Basically, the consumption of marble is still based on high-end consumer demand, the price is relatively stable, did not receive a big impact.
US stone consumers have their own preferences for the color of marble. in general, Americans tend to light color of the stone, especially some of the more vivid colors of marble: beige, white, black...
US home improvement market demand for stone tops is also very large, where you are in the United States where you can easily see natural stone countertops, special hotels.
The marble mesa usage is also very big, and not limited to the kitchen, there are quite a few would also be to use the marble in the bathroom, foreign Hum conditioning conditions better, while foreign stone conservation technology is also more developed, about 1/3 of the use of marble.
The demand for marble wash basins in the United States is also very large. The style and design of the marble art wash basins are even bolder and innovative, and the styles are updated faster. However, the consumption demand of marble suction basin is only close to half of the granite wash basin, but the sales are stable throughout the year, which is not as obvious as the granite wash basin.


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