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Assemble Packing for Vanity Top

Last updated: Apr 02, 2018

Natural stone is a popular material for vanity tops. Since it looks more colorful and varied than glass, ceramic and other material. Meanwhile, it costs much more than ceramic and glass.

So it is very important that how to avoid breaking vanity during transport or seaport shipping.

If just import and ship by seashipping, regular fumigated wooden crate with inner foam is enough. For this way is for project/ home/ entity retail sales.

Packing Vanity Top

Nowadays, online shopping is a popular way for stone too. But the stone is a fragile stone, how to avoid to break during express?

The answer is customized packing - assemble carton packing.

Regular size is 25"/31"/37"/43"/49"/61"/67"/73" x22", the size bigger, packing fee cost more.

assemble carton packing

Staraok Hospitality as the brand of Newstar Stone, supply lots of this kind of assemble packing vanity tops to USA online shopping, supermarket.

Newstar Vanity Top Products

That's all our assemble packing for vanity tops.

If request more information, you can contact Staraok Hospitality anytime. Email: catrina@newstarstone.com

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