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How to Choose Vanity Tops

Last updated: Dec 29, 2018

There are various materials used in vanity tops.

It is important to know how to choose right material vanity top for bathroom.

Now, let us get started!

1. Natural marble

It is beautiful to used marble for vanity top because of its unique and varied veins.

Regular bathroom vanity size is small, so it is ok that not need do joint.

Although marble is easily be penetrated into oil and dirty, bathroom vanity no oil, and difficult thing to clean. In exclusion, simple design vanity can used marble vanity tops.

Carrara White Marble Vanity Tops

2. Artificial marble:

Bathroom is not like kitchen. In bathroom, there is no oil, no high temperature. So artificial marble can be used for bathroom vanity top.

Disadvantage: Artificial marble is easily to scratched after long time usage .
cultured marble vanity tops

3. Ceramic vanity top integrated with sink

Using the ceramic vanity tops integgrated with sink will be easy to clean, wear-resisting.

Disadvantage: The overall design and color are too simple. The whole bathroom will look normal.

Ceramic Vanity Tops


While you're reading here, do you know how to choose  the vanity tops?

You can choose vanity top based on your actually request.

If your budget is enough, and like unique and elegant style, you can use marble vanity tops.

If you only want cheap option and plain color, artificial marble and ceramic also good option.

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