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How to Maintain Hotel Vanity Base

Last updated: May 26, 2018

We all know that the hotel vanity base is an important role for bathroom room. So we need to pay attention to protect vanity base to increase its lifetime.

Hotel Vanity Base

Now, let me teach you how to maintain your hotel vanity base.

1. We have to distinguish the area of dry and wet when design bathroom.

Bathroom cabinet should put in the dry place, and keep far from the shower area. If weather wetting back, we have to wipe it dry by soft dry cotton.

It is better that we separate bathroom cabinet from shower area with shower curtain or shower door in case too much moisture spread into the whole bathroom. 

Besides moisture, bathroom cabinet has to avoid under the blazing sun for quite a long time because it will easily get damaged if between the situation of dry and wet.

hotel shower curtain

hotel shower door

2. We have to clean carefully bathroom cabinet time to time when it is dirty.

Must be careful, detergent with acid-base not allowed used for cleaning cabinet. Especially oil paint.

3. Besides dehumidification, remember to apply a little clean wax polish to keep bathroom gloss. Also it can prevent from an insect.

When applying wax polish, scrub along wood texture until it gets glossy.

Get it?

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