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Marble Tops Daily Care

Last updated: Dec 30, 2017

The durability of marble tops are beyond people's imagination, it is a particularly ancient building materials, even in the sun by the wind in the nature of life is still very long. As a kind of stone moved into indoor, with people careful maintenance, life will be longer. Use marble to make a mesa, probably after the next few decades completely do not need to consider changing table.

So how to care for the marble countertops?
marble countertops

Remove immediately if there are any stains, especially acidic (citrus juice, vinegar, wine) or oily substances (cooking oil, grease, butter and cream) to ensure that the tops are in good condition. If allowed to leave stains on the top will cause staining or damage to the stone finish. Do not use corrosive or irritating chemicals, including detergents. Make sure plumbers know this. Cosmetics such as shaving creams, detergents and the like can also destroy the stone surface
It is forbidden to stand on the stone tops, especially hanging above, to ensure the integrity of the mesa structure prevents the splitting.
Penetrating sealant: many natural stone materials are sealed with penetrating sealant. You can ask the installer for advice on whether to seal before installation. The sealant can penetrate the stone surface and help prevent other substances from seeping into the surface.
Marble is very fragile, fear the impact of hard objects, knock, so should pay attention to prevent iron and so on the heavyweight to hit the stone surface, in order to avoid the pit, affecting the appearance.
Honed finish: rub with a decontaminated cleaner circle, then clean and dry with a dry towel.
Different colors of marble tops give people the visual effects is not the same, to meet the needs of different people decoration. Radiation in nature is ubiquitous. Now marble radiation in the market is up to the national standard, so we do not have to worry too much about it, mainly depending on our choice.

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