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Types and Characteristics of Marble

Last updated: Jan 12, 2018

There are many kinds of marble on the market today. Consumers need to consider the purpose of use when shopping. The marble is rich in variety and style, some marble gives a very simple feeling, while others give a noble feeling. So, let us learn more information about marble.

marble vanity top bathroom

The type of marble:

A: High quality marble with the same, excellent processing quality, free of impurities and pores.

B: Features are close to the former class of marble, but the processing quality is slightly worse than the former; there are natural flaws; a small amount of separation, gluing and filling is required.

C: There are some differences in processing quality; flaws, pores, texture fracture is more common. The difficulty of fixing these differences is moderate and can be achieved by separating, gluing, filling or reinforcing one or more of these methods.

D: Similar to class C marble, but contains more natural blemishes and maximum differences in processing quality, requiring multiple surface treatments in the same method. This type of marble has caused many
colorful stones, which have very good decorative values.

Marble features:

(1) Good decorative performance, marble does not contain radiation and beautiful color, rich colors, are widely used in interior walls, floor decoration. With excellent processing properties: sawing, cutting, polishing, drilling, sculpture and so on.

(2) The wear resistance of marble is good, not easy to aging, its service life is generally about 50-80 years.

(3) In industry, marble is widely used. Such as: for raw materials, cleaning agents.

(4) marble with non-conductive, non-magnetic, stable position and other characteristics.

From a commercial point of view, all naturally occurring, polished, calcareous rocks are called marbles, and not all marbles are suitable for all architectural applications. Therefore, marbles should be grouped into categories A, B, C and D. This classification is particularly suitable for relatively brittle Class C and Class D marbles that require special handling before or during installation.

Now the most popular marble colors are white, beige, gray, black...

Each piece of marble texture is different, the texture of clear curved marble, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, like to bring you a visual feast again and again, installed in the room, you can make the bedroom more elegant and generous. More choices of marble vantiy tops, in Staraokhospitality. Welcome to contact us.

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