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The Gloss of Granite

Last updated: Dec 23, 2017

Granite is one of the most widely used natural stone, how do you measure the gloss and treat this problem?

Granite Countertops 

1. In this era of fast-moving, pure numbers contrast simple and crude, more attractive eye.  In the stone maintenance, we generally concerned about the gloss, nor understandable. However, We still recommend that when evaluating the effect of stone maintenance, it is important to refer to some other measures, this effect will be better. We can focus on numbers and add some measure of perspective. Multi-angle observation, can get the correct conclusion.

2. The multi-angle measure the maintenance effect of stone material returns to the topic. We also suggest that, apart from looking at the gloss, the maintenance effect of stone should be evaluated comprehensively through specific experience. 

If we use visual observation, need from three perspectives:
A. Vertical angle can check the clarity of stone.
(1) Backlight observation is facing the perspective of the main light source, looking sideways. This angle can test the brightness of the stone, as well as the surface with chicken pattern, collapse collapse, scratches and other flaws.
(2) Follow the light along the main light source point of view, side observation. Stone from this point of view when the light is strong, you can test the color of stone, patterns and so on.
B. Observe the Angle of the main light source along the side. This angle sees stone material is light intensity, can examine the color of stone material, pattern and so on.
C. Side light angle, look at the maintenance effect through the backlight and the light point of view.
D. A wide range of observation, open all kinds of light source. Open doors and Windows, open lights and so on. Observe the overall level of stone from various angles.
Evaluation of the maintenance of granite stone quality, gloss can be used as a measure of factors, but do not be too concerned about. Multi-angle to measure, the real experience is important.

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