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Vanity Top Installation Instructions

Last updated: Jun 07, 2018

Bathroom vanity is an important part of bathroom, many people confused about how to installed whole sets of vanity properly. Here is some details way for reference:

– Materials Required:             

●  Vanity Top
●  Faucet and drain kit
●  Clear silicone latex caulk & caulking gun
●  Clean dry rag
●  Clean damp rag

Step 1-Vanity Top Preparation:

Install the faucet system into the pre-drilled locations of the top (faucet and drain not included).  Follow the manufactures installation instructions to install the faucet and drain.  Do not over tighten the faucet and drain connection.  Doing so may cause damage to the top.  Be sure not to set the top on faucet supply lines as this may cause damage to the faucet.

Step 2-Cabinet Preparation:

Set the vanity into place according the manufacture installation instructions. Once the vanity is installed, use a dry rag to wipe off any dirt or dust from the top edge of the vanity.

Step 3-Installation of Your Vanity Top:

A helper is recommended for the installation of the vanity top.  Apply a ¼” bead of silicone latex caulk to the top edge of the vanity.  The Caulk will adhere the Marble Top to the vanity.  Place the top onto the vanity.  Make sure the top is centered or as close as possible to its final location.  Avoid moving the top as much as possible once it is set into place.  Once the top is set into place avoid moving the top. 

Caution: always carry any natural stone product vertically as much as possible.  Clean up any excess chalk with a clean damp rag.

Step 4-Installation of Black Splash

Apply 2 beads of clear silicone latex caulk to the back of the splash and 1 to the bottom of the back splash.  Carefully set the back splash into place (centered on the top) and push firmly against the wall.  Clean up any excess caulk with a clean damp rag.

Step 5-Drying Time:

Avoid moving the top.  Make sure and allow the top dry for at least 24.  This will ensure proper adhesion to the vanity.

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