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What is Best Material for Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Last updated: Jul 06, 2018

The bathroom cabinet is an important part for decoration bathroom. Wood, PVC, Metal are main materials in the market now.

Therefore, what's the best material for bathroom vanity cabinet? How to choose a bathroom cabinet to make look better?

Now, let us see what are the difference between the three of bathroom cabinet materials.

1) Solid wood cabinet:
The bathroom vanity base is made of mostly plywood with solid. 100% solid wood is rarely manufacturer make it because the cost is too much. Especially who have specific request 100% solid wood.

Solid wood features weak waterproof originally, after anti-water processing, water absorption can be under 5%. Still, need damp proof. Solid wood looks, ore natural, elegant as well as it is most expensive.

Solid wood cabinet for bathroom

2) PVC Cabinet for Bathroom:
Mostly used in PVC material for regular because of various design.

Anti-water, not-pump, easy to clean, after anti-water processing, can be under 5%.

Formaldehyde content high, and material soft. Easily color fading and cannot bear high temperature.

PVC Cabinets for Bathroom

3) Metal Cabinet Base:
The material is 202, 304 stainless. You can take a magnet to test is it material be good. For good stainless have small magnetism, not easy attracted by the magnet.

Good price, and anti-water.

Easily scratch, have a noisy voice

304 material metal base is good at anti-water, can be used about 4-5 years. The price is much cheaper than solid wood. But the color option is plain and small. This metal vanity base is suitable used in where not request high-grade design.

Metal Cabinet Base

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