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Why the hotel bathroom door design is transparent?

Last updated: Oct 25, 2017

hotel bathroom design

What was the deepest impression when you first stayed at the hotel? I guess it should be the bathroom! Why do you say that? Because the hotel bathroom door design is generally transparent or translucent glass. Is this design makes you shy when you are taking a shower?
Why is the hotel bathroom door design like it? Let us come today to reveal the truth!
1. Add fun
I think this should also be the first idea of everyone. Yes, the hotel's glass design does have the effect of adding fun, which is one of the reasons.But this glass design, not just prepare for the fun, it is more for the practicality and security.

2.Saving materials and energy
Considering the material, the glass and the wall compared, the glass is definitely cheaper than the wall.
And many people like to sleep at night when the bathroom lights all night. Now with such a glass design, do not turn off the lights may affect the guests sleep, but also indirectly save energy.

3.Keep the room clean and tidy
Glass surface is easier to clean than the wall, the key is not easy to wet, it will not mold, to keep the hotel clean and tidy.
In this way, when the hotel's cleaning staff to clean, can efficiently complete the cleaning work.

4.Make up for lack of hotel space
Through the glass, we can see the overall situation of the hotel room, although the hotel room is not so big, from the visual can save nearly 10 cm of space, make up for the lack of hotel room size, it can also give guests a good impression.

5.To ensure personal safety
If in the bathroom inside accidentally fell, so that can be found in time, timely treatment. Or when you are in the bathroom, a sudden power outage, you do not have to worry, to adapt to the dark, you can safely through the outside world out of the bathroom.

6.Take care of single people
The glass bathroom cannot only guarantee our personal safety, but also ensure the safety of our property, especially only one person to go out. Even if you are in bathroom, you can see the situation in the bathroom room at any time, so it can prevent someone suddenly burglary.

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